Age of Innocence is a European footwear Brand for girls from 0 to 16 y.o. Company’s headquarters are located in London now having an online store, worldwide distribution through biggest luxery department stores and online distributors in Europe, US, Middle East, China and Russia.

The DNA of the Age of Innocence brand is a combination of femininity, timeless elegance, simplicity and chic with a soft touch of nostalgia for retro design. An Age of Innocence girl is quintessentially a city girl, romantic and strong, a daydreamer with a very strong point of view.

Age of Innocence brand idea embodies a strong belief that kids should to be treated as individuals and respected the same way as adults, as persons with their own point of view — in all aspects of life, including in the way they look.

Brand celebrates childhood in a special, sophisticated way. The design approach is exceptional — being minimalistic and modest, it takes inspiration from 18 and 19 centuries.
Brand’s mission is to give women a chance to see their child stylish and choose kids footwear that corresponds to their own aesthetics — sophisticated yet eloquent, trendy yet timeless.

All the pieces are handcrafted using quality materials with a great attention to every tiny detail - they will walk with our little ones as they take those first steps and get comfortable with wearing shoes.